Mark Huebner

Chief Strategist

Born and raised on a Somalian pirate ship, Mark learned quickly in this life you must take what you want, whether that’s golf carts or the team sports apparel industry. Making his way to the states via the costume storage room of a Disney cruise ship, Mark hiked barefoot from Miami to Denver working as a traveling magician to support himself on his journey. Once arrived in Denver, Mark quickly realized his magical talents were not what he thought they were, leading to the creation of LEAN athletics and our unique Digital Intellabond Technology that we use today. Next time you stop on by be sure to ask Mark to show you one of his old tricks, you will surely be entertained.

Jeremy Hydle

Chief Visual Strategist

Jeremy Hydle was born in 1965 to a small pack of road bandits outside of Hildale, UT.  He spent most of his childhood on the road seeing things and places that most of us do not see.  Those experiences led him to have a creative eye and ability that most of us could only dream about.  That is why he is our Chief Visual Strategist and often times can bring to life something better than most people could ever envision.  Lucky for us (and you) he leads a team of 2 other designers that are nearly as capable as he (they just don’t have the road bandit experience).  Feel free to ask him about the time he wrestled a rabid coyote at the age of 10….he’ll tell you all about it!

Nate Kuberski

Team Strategist

No one is quite sure how or where Nate Kuberski was born. The furthest back we can trace his origin is to May 17th 1963. It was on that date when a 67-year-old couple found him in a basket on the 16th green of Ringwood Golf Course in Cleveland, Ohio. His newfound parents finished their round and promptly returned to grab Nate and bring him home. This may explain why Nate feels so relaxed and confident on the golf course, where he is a 6 handicap. Another explanation is it gets him away from people, which scare him. Either way, we can guarantee you that he will put the same amount of effort and care into your orders as he does on his golf game. Next time you’re in the shop be sure to ask Nate about the beauty of Cleveland golf courses and what he thinks about the Browns odd’s to make the Super Bowl, we promise his response won’t disappoint.

Aaron Lundberg

Visual Strategist

Many people come up to Aaron Lunburg and tell him he looks familiar, but they cant quite put their finger on who he reminds them of. Casually brushing them off by saying he has no idea who it could be has allowed him to hide his childhood identity of American pop sensation Aaron Carter for most of his life. Aaron has not only changed his former name, but also changed the way he channels his incredible creative energy. Now focused on the graphic arts Aaron has finally found a way to have a lasting and useful impact on the art community. Why does this matter to you? His storied past has given him a unique visual eye that is rivaled by no other, allowing him to design for you the Legendary Equipment (your) Athletes Need.

Jake Ponstein

Team Strategist

Born in a soccer ball factory in the bad part of Kansas City.  Jake learned quickly that life wouldn’t be all sunshine and rainbows.  However, it was Jake’s rough upbringing that helped him discover his true passion for helping people produce quality apparel.  Jake is resident expert on the softest fabrics known to man and the most durable sewing methods.  Whether it’s a good time that you’re looking for or 28 custom wrestling singlets for your Smoky Hill High School Wrestling team, give Jake a call and you won't be disappointed.