About us

About LEAN

LEAN Athletics was born in the Heart of Denver, CO to bring a fully integrated custom manufacturing option back to America to American teams.
We are one of the few manufacturing facilities in the U.S. that has all of its own equipment under 1 roof (from the sewing to the sublimation).
What good does that serve you?..it allows us to be LEAN as a company.  We have LEANER timelines, LEANER costing and understand that often times our customers are trying to remain LEAN as well. We are proud to be made in the USA by American citizens.  We pledge to NEVER ship your orders outside our Borders!

Top Designers & Manufacturing

We have 2 of the top graphic designers in the Cut and sew manufacturing realm that understand what it takes to design a great product.  We also offer a line of Athleisure wear for when you are in the gym or just out running around.  We also employ an open door policy so anytime you would like to see YOUR goods being made, you are WELCOME at our facility.  We look forward to creating something great for you!